All Fishtech Awards finalists receive "Top Innovative Seafood Product of the Year" award. We also select winners in special categories, namely: Traceability, Processing, Farming, Packaging and Logistics.

Meet partners, buyers, supermarket chain representatives, online retail representatives, get media exposure – all to super-boost your business. Participating in the competition will also guarantee you exclusive access to the application at the Country Garden Ocean Industry Fund with over RMB 1 billion in funding.



If you have a seafood product that uses some aspect of innovation you already meet 50% of our criteria. The other 50% is ensuring that your product targets one of the seafood supply chain i.e. traceability, farming, processing, packaging, and logistics.

The application period for our 2020 competition will be announced soon.

Watch this space for updates!


2019 Finalists


Reef Design

Ocean Grown Abalone Ltd (OGA) is a West Australian based company, operating a greenlip abalone aquaculture sea-ranch and land base processing facilities in pristine waters of Flinders Bay, Augusta. OGA has developed a unique patented concrete reef design (ABITAT) for rearing juvenile greenlip abalone in the wild as nature intended, the habitat also creating sanctuary and complete ecosystem for sustaining and enhancing various other fish life. OGA has deployed 10,000 abitats (20km of reef) fully stocked with juvenile greenlip abalone and recently completed construction of its new export accredited processing facility within Augusta (WA) boat harbor. The building comprises of latest technology freezing and chilling refrigeration with environmentally friendly saltwater cooling condensing. The facility includes closed circuit bio-filter live abalone tanks, approved bio-security ozone treatment system to manage wastewater and processing equipment capable of handling the projected increase in abalone harvest for both local and export markets. What makes OGA’s innovation great – OGA has utilized environmentally friendly building materials and power savings operational systems to minimize carbon footprint.



Skinpack Seafood Portions 

Lerøy Seafood AS is Norway’s largest seafood exporter with wholly integrated value chain and offers a full range of seafood products. Lerøy is the second largest Atlantic salmon farmer in the world and the largest in wild caught whitefish in Norway. Lerøy can trace its origin to 1899 and we have since then been a pioneer in the seafood industry.

Seafood is often seen as messy and smelly and difficult to cook. Many people nowadays don’t eat enough fish because they feel they lack the time and proper skills in the kitchen to prepare a healthy and delicious seafood meal for themselves or their loved ones. As a part of the megatrends we observe, people no longer consume meals in the traditional sense and want something convenient but still healthy. Our Norway Seafoods brand skinpacked seafood (Norwegian salmon and Norwegian Atlantic cod) portions comes either natural or with marinade in different flavors. Whether frozen or fresh, the consumer can put the whole tray in the microwave and up to 3 minutes later, enjoy delicious and healthy seafood.



Nitrogen Frozen Spiny Lobster 

Prime’s spiny lobster comes from the southern lobster catching area of Brazil. It has a unique color and sweet taste thanks to the lower temperatures of its water compere to other catching areas. Prime Seafood has been working hard to bring a best-in-class product. Prime’s Nitrogen Frozen Spiny Lobster is a new way to preserve the flavour of frozen spiny lobster, making it taste as fresh as the day it was caught. Live lobsters arrive daily to their factory and are immediately processed and frozen using liquid nitrogen to flash freeze the lobster.  This revolutionary process locks in the freshness at day zero, so the taste, texture, color, and moisture are it is out of the water. Prime’s Nitrogen Frozen Spiny Lobster is a new benchmark for the high-end restaurant and retailers. It is a great alternative for those who don’t have the structure to handle live lobster. It can be used not only for cooking purpose but also raw for sashimi ceviche.



Salt and Pepper Sprial Strap

Salt and Pepper spiral strip has been introduced as their new product to the global market. It is made from natural squid, then covered with special coating, after prefry we get the final tasted and special product. For consumers it takes only 10 to 15 minutes in the oven at about 220℃, then you can have this delicious dish on your table!